Unlock your organization’s inner innovation through Ancient wisdom. 

A 2010 IBM survey of more than 3,000 organizations identified creativity as the #1 quality they looked for in future leaders. Some companies are even incorporating strategies to stimulate creativity into their campus design.

Building an external environment to foster original thinking can produce valuable results. But how do we transform our internal environment so that we can easily connect to the actual source of ideas?

In his Connecting to Creativity through Meditation program, Dada unlocks the secret to tapping into your wellspring of inspiration: meditation. In the ancient science of Tantra Yoga, creativity and intuition have long been understood as functions of the higher levels of the mind. Specific meditation practices can help us to gain access to those levels. A lifelong creative writer and musician and a yogi for 40 years, Dada introduces audiences to the science behind meditation and creativity, while providing tools to help every person incorporate this creativity-booster into their daily practice. Whether your organization is an innovation leader or looking to foster its culture of creativity, The Monk Dude’s engaging multisensory program will provide the inspiration, and practical daily techniques, for cultivating new ideas. 

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

After Dada empowers audiences to cultivate their creativity, he provides the tools for managing it. Creative and brilliant individuals are often prone to emotional problems, addictions and mental illness. However, with the right approach, creativity doesn’t have to be a double-edged sword. Along with methods to tapping into creativity, Dada engages the audience in yoga and meditation exercises that balance emotions and connect individuals with their higher wisdom. Creativity can be tamed, and The Monk Dude will show your organization how. 

The practice of yoga offers specific techniques that enable one to connect to their source of creativity while simultaneously developing an inner harmony. Once we incorporate these techniques into our lives, we find that emotions become more regulated and addictions come under control as the practitioner taps into not only their source of creativity, but their found of inner wisdom and peace. 

I attended Dada’s workshop on Creativity and Intuition. Besides being really inspired by the way Dada speaks from the heart, I’ve always been thinking how creativity can be a path to either destruction or elevation. I had my own theories, but Dada framed this in a sharp and methodic way that will help me to work with my coaching clients.

 – Gustavo Prudente, consultant, coach, author and atist from Brazil

I enjoyed Dada’s workshop on intuition and Creativity and Intuition. The really key thing for me was this tension in creative people between the self-destructive and transcendence, not only in artists like Dada, but in the scientist I’ve know who are particularly brilliant, but also troubled. The practices that Dada and I teach from our yogic tradition are ideal tools, designed to take one to a higher level. They can take you from a place of inner darkness to a place of inner peace, without sacrificing your creativity. 

– Bruce McKuen, Phd research scientist in biomedical engineering

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