Discover the techniques that make meditation enjoyable and approachable. 

The benefits of meditation are well-establishes — especially for knowledge workers who are stressed, anxious, and need to focus. Despite these life-enriching benefits, many people who try meditation give it up because it they find it dry or boring. This is more than unfortunate, as it leaves unsolved the initial problem that drew them to the practice.

Spiritual meditation is much more than just stress relief or mindfulness. With the right techniques you can tap into your inner source of creativity, wisdom, happiness and love. Your practice can become a richly emotional and empowering experience that connects you with a well spring of inspiration and vitality. You can discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

Luckily, meditation does not have to be boring. The rich and varied tradition of yoga includes many techniques that make meditation enjoyable, helping you concentrate through a practice that is something to look forward to. Drawing on his 40 years of experience, Dada uses music and little-known secrets from the ancient yoga tradition to reveal how a simple shift in perspective can take your meditation to a higher level. What once felt like homework transforms into a love story.

What an extraordinary and heart-opening experience. Informative, inspiring, and lots of fun. Dada N. combines humor, deep insight, and tremendous knowledge of the spiritual path. A really rare opportunity.

– Susan Feathers, Assts Dean of Law, Stanford University, California

That was fantastic, it was fantastic. I can’t tell you… I went into a state of peace and calm. It was so welcome. Thank you for that experience.

– Wendy Mclure, architect, San Francisco 

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  • Organizations seeking to make spiritual experience a part of their personal development
  • Yoga ashrams, spiritual retreat centers or yoga holiday programs
  • Spiritual or New Age event organizers
  • Corporate executives wishing to develop their personal leadership qualities by taking their meditation practice to a deeper level
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