Experience the revolution that has empowered audiences around the globe. 

Our world is facing multiple mounting crises, and an increasing number of individuals and organizations are working on solutions. The challenges are so daunting that morale is a key issue for any progressive social movement. Spiritual meditation is a powerful tool to enable idealistic, highly motivated individuals to maintain their inspiration.

Dada’s Revolution of Love program presents a positive vision not only of the future, but of the present. Through this engaging keynote and musical performance, The Monk Dude highlights underreported advances in human and animal rights and sings songs about amazing individuals, some of them still children, who are transforming lives around the world. With his unique blend of music, humor and positive energy, Dada paints a picture of a world evolving beyond the ego, progressing from competition to cooperation and from nationalism to universalism, embracing all life. Participants leave this program feeling empowered, with a rekindled sense of hope for their altruistic missions.

Dada’s own background in peace activism and the protest movement gives him a keen sense of social justice — but he is also a realist. Dada emphasizes that though many dream of a better world, we can’t make that a reality until we become better people. Dada introduces yoga as crucial technology for Conscious Evolution, equipping audiences with the character-building tools of the sages. Using the practices of the yoga tradition, we can become better human beings: stronger willed, more creative, more confident and most importantly, more compassionate; the kind of human beings who might reasonably populate a more rational, kinder world. That’s the Revolution of Love.

Wow, that song… just a fulfilling peace of music. This is for the soul, for the heart.

– Arjuna

Funny, practical, enjoyable. Dada doesn’t take anything too seriously, except everything.

– Dr. John Talmadge

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  • Organizations seeking to build a better world
  • Environmental and human rights groups
  • Ecological, New Age or Future Vision event organizers
  • Any organization looking to highlight and bring out the best in humanity
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