Discover the program that has captivated leaders at Facebook, Cisco and Google.  

In today’s corporate culture, our leaders are under more pressure than ever before to deliver profit, meet growth goals and edge out their competition. However, this high-pressure environment can squash creativity, decrease productivity and create disharmony that keeps an organization from achieving its full potential. Meditation is a proven tool for overcoming these challenges. In The Enlightened Leader program, Dada helps organizations and leaders use meditation to cultivate their inner love, wisdom and creativity so that they can lead more effectively.

The Enlightened Leader program is an interactive, multisensory experience that empowers audiences to use meditation to cultivate their creativity, productivity, teambuilding and purpose. Through this keynote and guided musical meditation, Dada makes ancient wisdom accessible and engaging for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Audiences leave his program with a deeper understanding of leadership and a clear strategy for using meditation to reach their professional and personal goals. Most importantly, they leave inspired and energized to make this proven technique a part of their daily routine.

Love leads to better relationships. Wisdom produces better decisions. And Creativity will make you a star of innovation. 

Dada through his corporate talks brings in a unique blend of ancient wisdom traditions, an understanding of life in today’s world, a refreshingly practical approach that will work in a corporation, and a wicked sense of humor.

– Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Google

I bring in speakers all the time for Facebook. Dada has engaged people in a way I haven’t seen before.

– Aileen Cureton, Event Co-ordinator, Facebook

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