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Sunrise and Sunset Guided Meditations.

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Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind
A Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation

A beginners guide to spiritual meditation, this book covers commonly asked questions, mantra meditation, sense withdrawal and concentration, the law of karma, intuition, and the role of a spiritualist in the world. It offers a simple but profound description of the true meaning of meditation, taking the reader well beyond stress management and relaxation. Full of stories, anecdotes and gentle humor, this book makes the philosophy behind meditation accessible to both beginners and experienced meditators.

yoga monk meditation author dada nabhaniilananda


I love this book. I think is the best book on meditation I’ve ever read.”

– Jimena Page, former wife of Jimmy Page (yes THE Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin). Founder of ABC Trust, a charity for Brazilian Children.

Dada has a rare quality of conveying some of the world’s deepest truths in simple, clear language as well as through amusing and inspiring anecdotes.  Dada takes us into the depths of a rich world of deeper spiritual realities, but he always takes us by the hand so we never stray too far from its eloquently simple message; it is this balance that Dada strikes which makes this book a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in the practice of meditation.

– Amal Jacobson, New Renaissance Magazine, U.K.

What a relief to find a book about meditation that is easy to understand, yet deep enough to give me the feeling that I’m learning something really valuable. It takes great skill and wisdom to make difficult subjects simple, and Dada Nabhaniilananda has certainly achieved this. His stories of his personal experiences, and his often humorous anecdotes make the writing both charming and profound. Difficult to put down.

– Claudia E. Matta

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